Aerocene Community | Meetings Meeting with Avenir Institute

Hi everybody, last week we had a very fruitful meeting with Avenir Institute. You can find our meeting notes below, it would be great if you could make comment or put input! We disucssed about new application ideas, new platforms for the Aerocene Explorer and deeply on Aerosolar Critical Mesh where you can find the research of @Joaquin here Aerosolar Critical Mesh



Denis M, Timo, Margaux P, Erik V, Yelta k, Tomás S

New Application Ideas

How to calculate the points to reward people that launch Aerocene sculptures and join the flights?

References system of public lab, wikipedia, lunix

How to share the minutes you have been floating without any carbon emission and archive everything properly, open to everyone? (could be a Aerochange system)

You can find ideas offline and then you can publish online

Exploring the internet avoiding a Geopolitica border.

Internet is geopolitical

Messages will be in shipped in balloons

Meshed network, should the message immediately or sended in intervals like in

How to carry messages around?

Internal internet network

Wifi between devices between connecting points

We should try his system in Berlin soon…

Joaquin E. should also be part of this

People will be able to connect to the balloon

When is the next climate march?

Synchron in different places connected through a internal network facilitated through a explorer on each location

It doesn’t have to be a website

It could be a web based mobile app

Synchronising the messages, blockchain without blocks

Technically, placing the server on the balloon could be the main point


Publish aeropolitical agenda: Aeropolis

gestures of a political action

Aerocene Manifesto

Political agreements - get in touch with green party, pirate party, chaos computer club

We can go there and propose a presentation

We can all present 3-4 ideas at the annual meeting of the CCC and lobby for our ideas

Forum Aerocene - Meshed Network

Send the manifesto to Denis

Could it become a proper political movement?

Sustainable goals of United Nations

There is nothing about air in their goals

Lets invent the 18th tile - Life in the air

We can get in touch with Chaos Computer Club and propose ideas, see if they are interested

We went to the climate march of

We will look for all the marches and see which one is more suitable

The Manifesto could be published in first week of March

There could be half day presentation in European Parliament

ETER network, Meshed network app of Joaquin

The size, dimension of the balloon, design of the signage

Try different sizes

Chaos computer club is a good idea to find smart people

Where are the antennas Joaquin bought?

Did we try already, what kind of antennas do we have?

How to hack the router?

Start the discussion for Aeroemesh topic in forum

Balloon could become a cable

Airplumb, Davi know the founder

We could meet from time to time and we could launch the Aeropolis Manifesto in Munich

Aerosolar Critical Mesh - Joaquin

Rasperry pi extended wifi

There is a community in New York who are communicating with this meshed network idea

How to create an independent infrastructure?

Scuttle but

Totally solar network

How we can give a push to this idea? Hyperlinks and messages

It should be short and clear message

It should not be so long

It could be also impact in academia

Rethink and reshape the flow of the website

Instead of this menu, we can have practical, aeropolitics, forum, about etc.

schnapps factory - there is an old factory in Reinickendorf with a huge room that we could use to test things out.

Let synergize powers

It could be in the end

Plume lab air pollution


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