Aerocene Explorer London


The launch went well!

Here are some updates:

The weather was great. Not a cloud in the sky. But the wind was a bit too strong - close to 10 mph - which made it a bit difficult to achieve lots of lift / height from the Aerocenes.

The students did all of the steps for launching the Aerocene Explorers with me and Jol Thomson supervising them.

I attached a Garmin to one sculpture for flight data, and have a new ‘track’ that I would love to download and work with in Google Earth, much like after the Lancaster launch.

Here are some photos that I took - but I think my students took some better ones!





Here’s a flight visualization for RHUL Aerocene flight, and its corresponding Google Earth file:

RHUL AEROCENE 0702 OK.kml (63.4 KB)


@Joaquin is attachment also the coordinates data collected from the flight in kml? COOL!


@camilla Yes! Inside the KML you will find the whole dataset. The best tool to view and interact with this info is a free code editor such as Sublime text >