Build a SensAIR!

In cooperation with a worldwide community of hackers, scientists and artists, different sensors have been developed throughout the years, enabling data and sensing collection of various climate conditions and regions of the atmosphere. The SensAir is an open-source tool, enclosed in the flying kit, taking aerial photographs and videos, and collecting atmospheric data using non-intrusive, emissions-free tools for scientific exploration, measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Learn how to build the SensAir, and feel free to hack it - use it for other environmental measurements or implement for example; infrasound recorders, pollution monitor sensors, atmospheric data collectors, analog devices to study life-in the air, or geofences reacting cut-down mechanism, among others.

By co-building and hacking lightweight airborne sensors attached to Aerocene sculptures, we learn to observe, create and to program, and to better understand some of the questions pursuing the Aerocene; What are the opportunities in atmospheric data collection? Can we collect microorganisms with the same mechanisms? What are the environmental changes underway? How do they relate to fossil fuel dominance in the human use of energy sources? Can we collect information of the air above us, solely using the energy of the elemental?

View the manual for building a Sensair, showing how you can DIT your own device! All comments towards the improvement of these open-source guidances are always welcomed, leave your suggestions in this thread or email and share your further hacks with the community!

Manual: Build a SensAIR (9.4 MB)


Woho! The next open workshop for co-building a Sensair device will take place at the Aerocene Festival in Munich, 8–9th Sept, with FabLab München e.V.

Sign up here, or use the manual to start your own build…