Aero based Experimental Designs/ flights/ concepts


Hello, I have been researching and working on my own designs regarding the Aero or Manned Air flight. It used the same principles as the one depicted here, but has an electronic or working mechanisms attached to It for better stability and manuaverability. I used a torroidal shaped balloon design to serve as two different internal and external Air chambers, allowing heating elements to be present in a more heavily enforced internal chamber while the external chamber is more flexible and serves the purpose of providing majority of the float. Both chambers being connected at the top via an Air channel, only allowing hotter gasses residing at the top of the balloon to exchange ot travel through chambers. It repeats the Coanda Effect and the Air auto aligns inside the whole structure to make It a more stable one. Has anyone worked on experimental designs regarding this project, with reference working principle or otherwise?
I’d like to talk to you guys, share my designs and ideas regarding the above. Get the design itself out there in worldview to explore as I’ve reached several hurdles of my own and I hope to solve them too with the creative input of this open forum.
Looking forward to hearing from the team.

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@HrishiC Hrishi! Did I spell your name right? This looks super interesting. The first question that comes to my mind is: How do you generate heat for this balloon? Is it solar? I’m almost for sure we haven’t experimented with Coanda effect:

Have you been able to create a working model of this balloon?
I am researching on kytoons too, your project reminded me of these:


Don’t worry about the name, but you spelled it just right @Joaquin. Funny thing, cause my real full name - Hrishikesh - would be too hard to pronounce or remember anywhere, so I used the short version. Just call me H, that’s what I prefer too. I’m sorry about the quality of the image I sent but I made those some months ago and nearly discarded them until I heard about this project. Give me some time to send better images of the current design I have of it which has changed over time and has different iterations of.
To anwer your question, Yes solar /heat coil/ flame powered. These being at different stages as I realized there would have to be different designs using each differently or even independantly or even together at different times according to the environment they are in. The atmosphere near earth is denser, warmer, and would need greater heat difference to attain swifter motion. At higher altitude the atmosphere is cooler and free flowing, scarse and vanishes to vaccum entirely in space. In those times, an entirely solar/ heat, and internal heat contained flight is the only required drive.


This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing @HrishiC - did you ever try to develop this design or try it out? Or are you still sketching around the structure?