Aerocene Community in Berlin


Hi friends,

Should we meet in Berlin this summer? Bringing together thoughts, ideas and actions to redefine a new emissions-free, creative and collaborative future… Would be amazing to share visions of re-imagining our relationship with the Sun and the Earth, shifting into a space for ecological attunement… What do you think? Around 19-24th June…?

Aerocene Community @aeroalice, @yeltakom ould share their ideas towards a decentralised new cryptocurrency, Aerochange. @shapiro.nick could bring us insights into methodologies of new, open-source science. @sasha teaching us more about elemental aesthetics and aerographies, as well as tuning into aerial phenomena on the radio spectrum…

I think we could all learn from the food sharing Berlin community as well, they do fantastic work facilitating the donation of food waste from farms, restaurants and grocery stores to people and charities that can use it. Looking beyond the current take-make-waste, into a more ‘made to be made again’, circular way, regenerating natural systems. It’s time to start working both fossil-fuels-free in the air, but with both feet in the ground.

What else would you like to discuss? Who would you like to invite? Let’s brainstorm together…

All my best,



I wish @Svn could be there to share with us his developments about Pecan Pico.
That @Denis and @timo could meet @staltz and @sasha to discuss about fascinating new ways of interconnecting and transmitting digital content through government independent radio networks.

As well that someone from Freifunk Berlin was invited to join, and that our friend and RaspBery Pi genius @RigacciOrg could join too.

I wish some of our european friends could find a way to be there as well: @krvkurvaDesign from Portugal, @grainis from Bulgaria, @felipecastel from Basel & Berlin, @LeGo from Lyon, @LuanvP from London, @Charlene from Paris, @ericmersch from Brussels, just to name a few! Maybe couple of friends from America as well! Apart from @shapiro.nick and @lizbarry, @MaxEnger.

From Argentina we are happy to join you live on Skype! I am sure @Debora @maxibellmann @fedeberta would be interested in the discussion, to name a few.

Wouldn’t it be great if some Berlin friends like @camilla @Erik_STS and @Gwilym could be there too?

I think it would be cool to show a couple of recent Aerocene movies, and have the solar cookers pointing at the sun to cook some nice “asado vegetariano” or veggie barbecue.


I’ve got June 21-23 down in my calendar. Looking forward to seeing y’all then!

I’d love to talk about the boring stuff that makes an organization and movement work like: organizational structure, revenue streams for research, information flow, decision making, strategic planning etc. I think @camilla starting making a great doc on this somewhere… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see everyone!


Nice plan @tomas! I would love to be there too, I can join you with @Joaquin by Skype, for sure in 2020 for the Anthropocene curriculum Berlin I will visit your studio if you are there. Now I am organizing the first winter Latinamerican school about urban Anthropocene in campus UNSAM (San Martin) with colleagues from France, we are planning some Aerocene activites with @Joaquin, we would love to have you here between July 12 and 17th, are you planning to come to Argentina? please let us know! best!


I’m very interested in the discussion. Maybe i dont have many ideas to share, but it would be nice to learn from your visions.
I can join you with @Joaquin and @Debora by skype!


I’m @Mexico City now, but I’ll try to be there.


Great @Debora @fedeberta @STUDIOVPR we will definitely be streaming it so that everyone can tune in On Air :blush:


Ohh! Cool. @Carlos @tomas are you joining in?


Awesome! we´ll be on the look!


@shapiro.nick @sasha @tomas @aeroalice @Erik @yeltakom great to hear so many of you can join!!! Should we schedule in the Friday 21st for a meet-up, to share and synergise ideas for future visions, activities, direction/s? On the Saturday of the 22nd, we could attempt a kind of embodiment to the theories, and thoughts distribution from the day before by making a free flight happen? Alternatively, we can go closer to city enlivenment, maybe giving Tempelhof another shot? Or Viktoriapark? Or maybe more interestingly, around Großer Stechlinsee / Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei…?



I have so many nice memories from launching at Tempelhofer feld during the Anthropocene curriculum in 2016…! The weather was perfect, but the ‘institutional weather’ was not… maybe this time we can be more lucky. @camilla in any case that plan for daily activities sounds great.

PS: can I bring my micro-fm transmitter to stage a micro-pirate radio party during this embodiment? :wink: