Aerocene Explorer Summer Launch in London


Hi all,
If the weather is favourable I would like to organise an Aerocene Explorer flight in East London around 9-11 July. I heard London differ from other cities in that you need to apply for a license to conduct a flight? Apparently that goes for kites too :hushed:
Any ideas where to do it? I am thinking Victoria Park, or Clissold Park?


Camilla this is really exciting! I would love to be involved :slight_smile: I think Victoria park is beautiful, but I don’t have any experience with gaining permission for a tethered flight there.
However there was an Aerocene tethered flight on Exhibition Road last July - I couldn’ t attend and don’t know how permissions were secured. Maybe contacting the people who were organizing this launch is one way to begin to solve the questions you asked?
Best wishes,


Hey! Is there any more news on this? I’d love to attend a launch next week if there’s one happening :slight_smile:


Hi @LuanvP did you see @sasha reply in this thread?