Aerocene in Australia

First Aerocene Explorer launch in Australia, amazing to see who can join and where to do it!

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Two flights are in the making.
One in Lake Ballard
One in Perth

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Yes! Very, very excited for the first Explorer Australian launch.

It will take place on the 28th of December, at Lake Ballard in the golden outback of Western Australia.
The lake is a vast, flat salt lake so should be ideal for flying with an explorer.
Weather permitting, we hope to do multiple flights throughout the day. From early morning until late afternoon.
If the weather is not ideal, we will also try to launch on the 29th.

The second flight details in Perth are yet to be confirmed.
Please get in touch if you have any ideas!

How did it go @Gwilym? I saw some incredible photos on Facebook.

Sorry for the late response @camilla! The flights went well, both were successful but hampered by strong winds :smile:

For anyone that is interested to read and see more regarding the two flights that took place, I wrote a short blog post on the aerocene website.
Check it out here!

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