Aerocene transparente en Buenos Aires

Good morning!

Yesterday, Tuesday 5th March 2019 at noon, a group of interdisciplinary artists composed of Sebastián Pascual, Alejandra D’agostino, Camila Almeida and Carlos Almeida, we made our first launch of Aerocene.
The climatic conditions were: temperature 28 degrees Celsius,
SW wind of 8 km / h, clear sky with some clouds.

This amazing experience was made in the National University of San Martin, Buenos Aires Argentina.

We will share with you more pictures soon and we are at your disposal to tell you all the details of our activity.

Thanks you.

Buen día!

Ayer, martes 5 de marzo de 2019 al mediodía, un grupo de artistas interdisciplinario, integrado por Sebastián Pascual, Alejandra D’agostino, Camila Almeida y Carlos Almeida, realizamos nuestro primer lanzamiento de Aerocene.
Las condiciones climáticas fueron: temperatura 28 grados centígrados, viento del SO de 8 km/h, cielo despejado con algunas nubes.

La feliz experiencia fue llevada a cabo en el Campus de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pronto compartiremos con ustedes más imágenes y quedamos a disposición para contar detalles de la actividad.


Espectacular @Carlos! Muchas felicitaciones :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

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Gracias @Joaquin, gracias por tu generosa conversación de hace unos días :blush:

Buen día, subimos un enlace para compartir con ustedes un breve video sobre el lanzamiento de ayer. En breve más imágenes.
Saludos :blush:

@Carlos This is really amazing!!! How did you build the Aerocene Sculpture? How is it put together?
Also, if you have more photos, I’d love to see them…

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Hello @camilla , thank you for your kind comment. We are a group of Argentinian artists. Camila is a dancer and choreographer, Sebastián is a musician, actor and theater director specialized in video mapping, and specialist in objects, interactivity and new media like Alejandra who is also an actress and theater director, and I am a puppeteer, theater director and cultural manager.

A while ago we are investigating about the poetic dimension of huge objects build with light materials and air. Last year we met through internet the aerocene and thanks to the generosity of @tomas and this king community. The idea of building an aerocene fascinated us to experiment a new dimension, that apart from having an extraordinary scientific, social and cultural value, we think it offers multiple poetic interpretations.

As in Argentina, it is not possible get the RIPSTOP 7D cloth, we decided to do our first test with a biodegradable plastic material very fragile of 20 microns thick bonded by transparent adhesive tape. The construction respects the plane that propose the website How to build the envelope – Aerocene. If you can see it a bit more rounded in the picture is because after a while, approximately one hour, the aerocene was losing air through some defective joints or small breaks so then we made knots in the tips to concentrate the existing air. Anyway, that form was also very interesting for us.

A detail that we consider very important at the moment of working with such a fragile material is to stick a resistant and light thread around the perimeter of the rectangle before folding, leaving the ends at the end where the rope will be placed to hold it when it rises.

Thank you for your interest. Yesterday we upload a short video and in the next days we will upload more pictures and videos to the forum.

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I couldn’t agree more to what you are saying about the project offering numerous poetic expressions. It’s really seeing the sculptures fly (or float) that enable the more rhythmical, almost melodic dimension to come to life…

Looking forward to see more! If you would you like me to arrange the photos, videos to be uploaded on any Aerocene social media channels, let me know! I think it would be very inspiring for people to see…

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Hello @camilla . Thank you very much for your comment. We find it very interesting the idea of ‘floatation’ you propose. We are working in that poetic direction line.

We attached a link with pictures of the scenic investigation that we are transiting called ‘Momentum’ (work in progress). We also attached another short video of the ‘floatation’ of the aerocene.

Your point of view is very interesting. Keep in touch.

Thank you.

Look @Joaquin this is what we are working on.


Hi @Carlos ,
such a nice transparent balloon fligth in the campus! I am teaching environmental hummanities there Tuesday nights and Friday mornings, I would really like to meet you and the artists there, my email is Are you involved in the H2O network?

Hope to hearing from you!

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Hello @Debora . We both work in the National University of San Martin. Yesterday a friend we have in common (Sebastian Verea) talked me about you. How good is to find you in this forum!

I will write you an e-mail to arrange a meeting in the Campus.

Best regards.

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amazing!!! :sunny::sunny::balloon::balloon:

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Gracias @tomas!! :blush: tu obra es muy inspiradora!! Ya estamos en contacto con @Joaquin y con @Debora


New “flights” of the transparent Aerocene

The transparent Aerocene comes back to life in Buenos Aires. This time he accompanied the workers of the Bella Flor Cooperative in the presentation of the documentary “Nueva mente” directed by Ulises de la Orden, the film that tells the arduous activity of this valuable group of people who have managed to organize and work day by day, in the recovery and recycling of urban solid waste.

The performance from the Aerocene carried out by artists and cultural managers of the National University of San Martín and especially by the same workers of the recycling plant, had a great impact on the public, both in the avant premiere made in one of the sheds of the Cooperative, in José León Suárez, as in the moments before the official presentation of the documentary at the Goumont cinema, a space dependent on the National Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), in full center of the City of Buenos Aires.

It was very interesting to build an Aerocene with the same Cooperative workers, to see faces that reflected deep emotions in the face of this metaphorical object that captivates us so much.

We attach images and we are available to expand what seems appropriate.

Embrace for all the members of this community.

Thank you @Joaquin @Debora @maxilaina @fedeberta for generosity and for always being close.

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