Any upcoming flights in Europe during September 2019?

Hi all, I will be travelling in Europe in September/October and hoping to meet some of the Aerocene community. It would be great to be part of a flight.

At the moment I have no plans between September 10 and 17 while travelling between Linz and Nantes. Happy to do a short detour :slight_smile: Will also be in Venice, Dolomites and Linz between August 25 and September 10.

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Amazing Andrew! Did you see this thread about the Aerocene festival in Munich? It’s from 6-11 September! Please stay tuned for more information, a little bird whispered the communication, program and details are out this week :slight_smile:

@camilla Yes, I saw that thread a while back. I also saw the Munich festival mentioned on facebook. Unfortunately it clashes with the Ars Electronica festival in Linz that I am attending, but I will definitely make the last few days. Will be great to meet a few people and get involved.
Will there be any MAS construction? I have a small patch of decorated plastic left over from the build of the balloon we lost in Australia. It would be wonderful if that could be included.

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