Built it Aerosolar!

Aerocene hopes to spark change in the way people relate to earthly phenomena, atmospheric dynamics and each other through flying, building and discussing together. The sculptures floating in Aerocene nurture varied understandings of what it takes to become aerosolar, to lift off of the ground using only the sun as a resource, offering new perspectives on the potentials of sustainable energy, mobility and sensing practices.

The Aerocene flying kit consists of a sculpture and a Sens-air, a device collecting aerial data while floating with the winds. Using inexpensive DIT techniques, anyone can team up with their friends and build the sculpture, engaging themselves in a thinking-through-making, collaborative action. Through constructing, sewing, and assembling together, creating an Aerocene sculpture triggers imagination and team-work, and involves elements of thermodynamic physics, meteorology and creative engineering.

Download the manual for building it aerosolar, showing how you can DIT an Aerocene sculpture! All comments towards the improvement of these open-source guidances are always welcomed, leave your suggestions in this thread or email info@aerocene.org

Manual: Build It Aerosolar (2.1 MB)

Have you floated with your feet on the ground, using only the energy of the sun? Could aerosolar sculptures aid your local causes for climate justice? Share with the community all narratives and hopes, together we may utilise the sculptures to improve our collective futures!


**The next open workshop for co-building an aerosolar sculpture will take place at the Aerocene Festival in Munich, 8-9th Sept, with David Luigart of IMAL and Eduart K.

Sign up here, or use the manual to start an aerosolar sculpture build yourselves!