Caring for and repairing aerocene


After a successful Aerocene flight, we came across a small tear parallel to the Velcro opening near the main tethering point. This seems like reasonable wear based on the thickness of the fabric and its proximity to the sharp corner of the velcro and the tethering point.

I searched the forum as recommended for assistance on repairs, but have not been able to find such a thread so far.

In the make your own section I noticed kite tape (sail repair tape) was one of the materials used with the ripstop fabric – Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on whether this be the appropriate material to use to repair this tear? If not, would anyone recommend any other specific material or method to repair this tear?

Looking forward to learning your thoughts!

Hi @caitsuth! A good Aerocene Explorer flight envelope repair includes sewing with a machine. Kite tape is perfect for temporary repairs. As well many times without kite tape we have stuck the rip with any tape that sticks and manually sew it with thread and needle. Again, this is a temporary repair! Whom did you loan it from? Aerocene Berlin? Are you holding to this Explorer for much longer? Thanks! greetings, Joaquin