Flight Safety tips?

Hello Aerocene community.
I am searching for a place to look for as well as share tips on a safe flight.
I am working on a festival project in Australia and am developing a risk profile for the event. I have read some stories of forms getting away and have gained some good knowledge from the learnings of the people involved.
Any suggestions of where else to look, or has anyone else developed a risk profile for this activity?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Sio. Sorry for late reply.

For general tips on flight safety I recommend you reading this article:

For some images about a tethered flight in Australia you can refer to:

In the framework of a festival you do have to get in touch with local Flight Authorities and inquire wether you need permission for a tethered flight event. It might surprise you, there is a lot of existing regulation in most countries about the topic, so it’s convenient to familiarize yourself with it.

If still useful don’t hesitate to get in touch with me: joaquin@aerocene.org. Then we can arrange a call and I can share some experience about keeping aero solar flights on the safe side.