Free around the world flight in Germany / Poland

Aerodreamers, unite!

This Saturday August 4, Aerocene is coming together, inviting you to an atmospheric rehearsal for the most sustainable and longest Aerocene flight: the first Aerocene, free of emissions around-the-world free flight.

Aerides, a tetra shaped balloon, will fly accompanied by an ensemble of 6 sbs-13, aiming to reach a flight level of 13,000 meters. This testing of an overnight long distance flight will capture temperature data from both inside and outside of the aerosolar sculpture and will be followed by stations worldwide in collaboration with the APRS community.

For Launching Team:
Meeting point is 8am at Helenesee by the Wassersportzentrum where we will start our journey towards the decolonization of air from particulate matter.

Guess their landing spot here! You can also predict the sculptures journeys through HabHub using these instructions or get help from the Float Predictor!

For Recovery Team:
After the incredible effort by the Aerocene community during the last launch, you can join the recovery team to help find the sculptures once they land, together with Radiosondy Polska, tracking their journeys following the soon-to-be-announced call signs.

Weather dependency is our accountability - we won’t rise without the mutual cooperation between us and the climate! Should Saturday bring clouds or rain, the free flight will be postponed to another day.

What object(s) below 200g would you like to send to the sky? Before the flight, everyone is welcome to Eureka-away and send their payload ideas to

We recommend bringing extra bottles of water, sunscreen, towels and a hat.

Whatsapp any Aerocene community member if you need directions,

Camilla 0049(0)17622081857
Erik 0049(0)15224129516
Joaquin 0054(0)91165222981
Alice 0049(0)1522 6817310

See you ‘On Air’,
Aerocene Foundation