Free Flight Berlin to Poland

Free flight on Saturday June 9 in Berlin Schönefelde,

Sculpture 1 DL7AD-15
(tetrahedron shape), made from black Nylon ripstop

Pecan pico aprs device from Sven
Purpleair - air quality sensor
Radar reflector
Gopro camera

Sculpture 2 - DL7AD-14
(tetrahedron shape), made from black pe film and transparent NTSF film to be used for cut down test

Spot trace tracker I or III
Pelican radio tracker
Gopro camera
Radar reflector
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The sculptures floated together across national boundaries, delivering our message to the world: free from borders and free from fossil fuels, towards a new sustainable future! Some new incredibly helpful friends from Radiosondy Polska in Poland went “On air” and tracked the two sculptures from the beginning of their journey, following them from the Felde until they landed considerably unscathered on Polish premises…

Thank you all so very much! Your growing energy made the experience more amazing than we could ever imagine!


It was me who got involved in searching for and regaining the missing DL7AD-14 :slight_smile:

I got information quite late, but persistence and experience in searching for meteorological probes helped :wink:

With only 3 frames of 500m height I went to search for 20 hours after landing. My daughter drove with me, we went around 3km2 of the area, then we made an interview after the residents and I got my phone number.

After talking to Camilla, I got some details and moved on Tuesday morning to the Monday evening.

I had a contact with one lady, I called, I informed you that I would like to fly and look out of the air and did something ask the neighbors because some of them pointed out that it was near her home (they were mistaken about 50m) and could he show me some paragliding start.

about 30 minutes after my phone, a finder told you, I think it’s not a coincidence :slight_smile:

I did not wait long and went to pick it up so that it would be in our hands.

After the conversation, I have mixed feelings and I am not sure whether the finder nei had the desire for this appropriation, even though he claimed otherwise. But some explanations were not consistent.

Fact is one balloon and the equipment has been found and secured. Coming soon as soon as I’m looking forward to it and watching it, I will go on the way back !!


The launch was amazing. I am so happy that I could make it, thank you for inviting me!

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@sq5pgc Marcin would be cool to know what the areas you found them in Poland are called?

Received! All the way from Poland! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I do not know exactly what you’re asking, but I’ve included 2 probes for SVEN to test: D