Ideas for a post-fossil fuel economy: aerochange development

Hi everyone!

Regarding the discussion started in this thread

I was thinking…The smartphone can be used to do nice Aerogliphs as well and collect what we can call Aerochange points
let’s set this goal :))

We need to focus our energy on create a token that can be related to the 3 types of Aerosolar journeys.
Let´s get the token running: the Float Predictor app can be implemented and connect all of these things:

Calculate the miles and the minutes for

  • Virtual flight
  • Tethered flight
  • Free Flight

what do you think?



This is great!

Let´s think together…The Aeroglyphs, the trajectories created by the Aerocene flights are like invisible sculptures, considered as signatures for a petition towards the decarbonisation of the air, and towards Independence from fossil fuels.

If Aerocene as a community, aims to trigger a substantially different social mechanisms in order to mobilise radically different ways of moving together, we can start to speculate about Aerochange asking ourself:

What if there was a new currency to reward sustainable actions?

Aerochange will be the miles that help to shape and imagine the air humanity needs.

By incentivizing Aerosolar flights and sustainable actions, thinking through a token-based economy, Aerochange will reward activities which de-occupy and liberate the air from fossil fuels based mobility. A mechanism that could revert - to a certain extent - the current economic infrastructure of fossil fuels regime.

How Aerocene imagines to change the whole infrastructure of the fossil fuels methods of transportation?

How to make the Earth breath again? ( :wink: )

With Aerochange, the Earth will be the launching pad for a new aerial ethos, a new mode of being and moving together at the rhythm of the planet, while gaining awareness and acknowledging sustainability efforts coming from individuals and communities that will take part in the Aerochange movement.

Let´s start to speculate and imagine the Aero-change!

@sasha @shapiro.nick what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Maybe we can start to write Aerochange declaration on intents together here, like a kind of exquisite corps but by sharing paragraphs!



This could be the stage one! First step to aero…chaange

The Aerochange economy could be built on the Aerocene Float Predictor including a points system that rewards the user’s solar flight activities:

  1. Create app for the Float Predictor :))
  2. Incorporate the tracking of Tethered and Free Flights
  3. Incorporate Points / Rewards system to current Float Predictor

Participants will be able to record their Aerosolar flight and trajectories through a smartphone app, and by doing so, they: create Aeroglyphs and earn points …in aerochange

then amaaazing aerocene community members could exchange their Aerochange points for different things like museum entry tickets, public transport and bike sharing…or aerocene Pilot license course?
Also maybe opening access to some university lectures from our thinkers … or?

Everybody could put something on the plate:))


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Hi Tomás and all,
here is more or less what we could develop x the Float Predictor in terms of Aerochange Functionality requirements

  1. App or Webapp

a. Onboarding (user registration)
b. Smartphone flying onboard an Explorer and registering Aeroglyphs

- record time in UTC format
- record trajectories with gnss (gps/glonass/galileo/qzss/beidou)
- record height with barometer which is a lot more precise than gnss

c. Sharing Aeroglyphs and flight pics online

- take pictures
- record video
- record sound
- broadcast real-time position
- broadcast live pictures, sound or video

d. Connect with Aerocene community
e. Connect with Aerocene Bottle Device

  1. Improving the Float Predictor

a. Design and usability corrections
b. Points and rewards system (based on blockchain?)

- Virtual flight
- Tethered flight
- Free flight
  1. Improve the design of our signatures

Someone has any other suggestions? Let me know!

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I think others will have better thoughts than me!

My thought is focus on making the float predictor better (improve documentation so that OS community can be on-boarded and improve codebase, make sure codebase is modular to help onboarding, show the web of trajectory possibilities for each launch location given feasible altitude adjustments so people can better reach their destination etc)

I’m just generally wary of “put a crypto-currency currency on it.” but i could be wrong! are there precedents that aerochange is building upon?

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This conference might be of interest. It’s put together but great people!