Introduce yourself! We'd love to meet you :)

Dear community,

I would like to give out a hello to everyone in here and out there. My name is Jasper Julius and I just joined the Aerocene Foundation and the Studio Saraceno here in Berlin. I will be helping with the research department and the organisation of the Munich Aerocene Festival.

Personally, I have been working and researching a lot on the re-configuration of the nature-culture relationships we as humans have peacefully and violently established throughout our existence. My interests lay in the approach towards new manners of understanding the link we can establish to the living surrounding that within the rise of modernity has been more and more so become the silent dead outer sphere. How can we live in the upcoming futures, what type of humans do we have to become, who do we have to be in order to re-entangle our bodies and thoughts into that which we are made of: world matter?

Good to be here.


Dear aeronauts of planet earth, it’s about time I introduce myself to the extended aerofamily here in this forum!

I’m Roxanne (Roxy), and joined the Aerocene team here in Berlin at the beginning of June, having been in the extended ecosystem of this Aerohub for over a year, working with Studio Tomás Saraceno in the Research and Communication department. Together with @aeroalice I will be supporting the growth of Aerocene research in Berlin, and look forward to supporting the development of this collective endeavour together with you all!

My personal position is informed majorly by growing up within the British military complex, moving constantly between places and spaces that were never intended nor allowed to become my home, but became so anyway even if I always had to leave, and a lot of the time was never allowed to return nor re-enter the space. This renders me as what has been coined as a “Third Culture Kid”, a being of a culture that is neither one (the “home” culture) nor the other (the “host” culture), and often resulting in a sense of “homelessness” in relation to the national community one is believed to belong to. It is this experience that compells me to Aerocene most strongly, particularly the concept of airnomadism, and the aspect of re-thinking, and hopefully effecutating a paradigm shift in, our relationship with the concept of borders and nation (i.e Land), of belonging and becoming on this shared Planet Earth.

Further, I was lucky enough to be partially raised in Scotland, where the right to roam still carries meaning and practice, although improvement is absolutely still to be had. This paradox between a life enclosed in army camps, and the freedom to roam the vast landscapes of Scotland that followed once my father retired, made that freedom all the more powerful for me as a young being, and I treasure that privilege to this day, trying to keep it alive and thriving by trying to challenge the idea in whatever space I find myself in, that it is inherently ownable and something an individual or collective can ethically restrict from others, both human and non-human.

During my academic training, I moved between Aberdeen (SCT), Nanjing (CHN) and Graz (AUT) and weaved my practice between art, particularly contemporary, German studies and political science, with some experience in economic studies. For now, I will wrap up this post, with an extract from A Man in Assynt, a poem by Norman Mccaig, which graces the external walls of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh:

Who possesses this landscape? –
The man who bought it or
I who am possessed by it?

False questions, for
this landscape is
and intractable in any terms
that are human.

I can’t wait to meet you all and grow further from the meaningful exchanges that take place within the Aerocene community, I’m always available for a chat!


Hi everyone!
My name is Céliane, currently living in Paris.
I discover the aerocene project and Tomas Saraceno work when I was in art school in the South of France. I start a master in October with project research about contemporary art and how this one can help to create new perspectives, new ways of life and introduce some philosophy questions. I feel real concern and anxious about tomorrow and how we can manage the resilience.
With two friends, we found a little association to try to do our part of that, find some ways to finance new alternatives, new ways of life.
I am always curious about finding new way of thinking or making, I worked as a volunteer for nine-month in a child hospital after my degree of fine arts. And this year, I traveled in British Columbia in Canada, to discover how to live in a community for example. Now, I try to be more attentive about my carbon impact. I try to go to a zero-waste way of life, eat vegan, stop to take the plane and some other alternatives as much I can do.
Not so easy, to introduce myself here, but I think you have maybe the most important information, I will enjoy to meet you to discuss by direct message or at the Munich Festival (about that I am looking for a place to stay, to share a place to sleep the few days of the festival, if some of you have an idea, I am listening!)


Hi, I’m Rupert, an artist and cultural geographer based at Goldsmiths, University of London. Xinwei Zhu (a lecturer at the Beijing Forestry University) and I will be making an Aerocene Explorer and backpack in the coming week for an exhibition that we are putting on at the OCAT Institute in Beijing ( We’ll also be introducing the DustDuino particulate sensor to a Beijing audience. The exhibition is entitled The Persistence of Light and Sound and will be looking at atmospheres of excess and absence and the relationship between light and sound. We’ll be including work from Luigi Russolo, Throbbing Gristle and Christiaan Virant, FM3, Nancy Holt, Matthew Schroyer, and Studio Tomás Saraceno. We are unlikely to be undertaking an actual flight in Beijing for the time being, hopefully in spring 2020!


Hey Rupert, welcome!

It’s so great to hear that you will co-build the Backpack and aerosolar sculpture together with Xinwei Zhu! I would love to hear how the experience goes, and please do share pictures of how it all turns out- we hope the conditions for aerosolar flight appear for you and the community coalescing for the exhibition in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

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Hi Aerox, thanks for your message! I’ve uploaded a photo from the exhibition showing the Aerocene backpack…