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Cartography student. Marine technician. Web developer.
I like to experiment in the fields of science, art, and visualization of nature phenomena.


Eager eyes. Scholar. Interested in sociology, art and its relation with environment. Polyglot and serial reader. From my early years I`ve been an editor. Actually appointed as Executive Director of Fundación Medifé.


My name is Luis Pacheco, I’m from Buenos Aires and I’m a lot curious about the aerocene project almost since the start. I’m editor of an online portal devoted to scientific ballooning and hope to learn a lot about not only the technical aspects but about the motivation and philosophy behind the effort. My english sometimes is Tarzan’s like but still readable…


Hi I´m Jorge, here it goes a bit of my Bio.

Since 2005, Jorge Moita created and developed a studio and a production system based in the Women ́s Jailof Tires, Portugal. The project gained immediate international, and inside the Minister of Justice, recognition and profile, giving birth to a range of high-end ethos products, developed in a low-tech environment, and making evidence of the challenges designers, companies and society can experience in the turn of the Century. The project provided a social eco, far behind bars, from the workers to other Jails and into the community of design,and made possible projects that ranged from commissions to pieces and complete collections on special request. Working for the “Federation Française du Prêt-a-Porter”, the Who ́s Next Paris and Premiere Classe Paris, the Gulbenkian Foundation, the Saint-Petersburg Hermitage Foundation, The Serralves Foundation,with Benedita Feijó the Portuguese Presidency, and Portuguese tourism, to Cultural Centre of Belem, in ongoing product developments,to collaborations and partnerships with some of the most high profile designers and brands in the international scene, such as Marcel Wanders, and his MOOOI company with Selfridges, Issey Miyake, Making Things, “Marie de Puteaux Paris”, London, Swarovski for Bread & Butter, Nissan “Soporcel, Be Part of the Solution” ,the Damn Magazine Design Cork, etc. To the usual collaborations between Jorge Moita and other studios, designers, artists, and a range of other creatives, and trendsetters like Peter Saville Associates, Joana Vasconcelos, Jaime Hayon, Brunno Jahara, Craig Feinberg, Musa DesignCollective, Benedita Feijó, Helena Almeida, Pieke Bergmans, Pierre FichéFeaux, to name a few,in more than 60 Editions of the La.Ga bag, -30% bag, anotherbagTM, Twisted, a_ collections etc. From designing Fabrics, to clothing, finished containers of the Portuguese re-invented and branded innovation status.

+info @

Design Behind Bars / Margarida Leitão Link: Password: design1


Hello everyone, I came across the aerocene project a small while ago, but since 2005 or so after a childhood project with some close friends in trying to build a hovercraft and failing badly it, all hope wasn’t lost. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the coanda effect of flight, creating the lift in hovercrafts. A lot has changed in the past 12 yrs, but goals and aspirations once evoked so to say remained the same. In the recent few years, I’ve been deeply attached to creating sustainaible tech, making small changes around the local environment, fastly degrading in my home town - Mumbai, India. There have been huge disturbances all across the globe in the last decade as well, which led me to develop an idea of an air, heat, powered mode of transportation or something that can make tasks easy and without any harm to anything or any being around. After months of research of existing ideas of The airships, zeppelins, balloons, vtol crafts, I thought of devising my own design. My original idea really came from the simplest thing I saw around - a candle lantern being drawn into the sky on a cold winter festivity. It is mesmerizing how something so simple like a soap bubble floating which works on the same principle as the lantern, heat being trapped within a confined place, creating float.
I was deeply intriuged when I heard about Tomas Saraceno and about Aerocene, it felt like something I was on the common page about all along. I’ve been hoping with my project, some days humans would leave earth to let itself heal and repopulate with its own beauty, while humans, who are so chained and shackled in our times, would have a chance to have a better life. I wished the people of planet earth be given a chance - to live on earth with earthly possesions and constantly having to strive and suffer for the things they may not need or have a chance of becoming travellers, sky and space explorers, and have the ability to do it with ease and without having to destroy anything in trying to achieve that goal. A sustainaible and self contained and fullfilling environment can be achieved even in the skies. I hope to learn more from this forum and develop my own ideas too, help out in any way I can. I trully believe that some day, there will be enough effort and knowledge collected that cummutively it will profit the project and make that goal a reality


Fascinating Jorge! Welcome to the Aerocene Forum :slight_smile:


Hrishi! We are so pleased to have someone from India taking part in the forum! You are truly welcome! You are in the right place and I hope we can help you develop your projects, as well as your contributions will be gladly received! Do you have any pictures of your flying craft?


Great to hear from you @Joaquin. I’ve reached a bunch of hurdles with my design as I’d imagined I would, but still trying to make it work with simpler easier to make and reproduce designs. I’d honestly almost given up on it until a few weeks ago when I heard about Aerocene. I’ve posted a topic with my initial design and idea here and with time hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures of a working concept. Here’s the link -

I’m also looking forward trying my hand at making and to launch a sculptor soon right here in Mumbai and will send in updates about it too.


Thank you Joaquim, a pleasure to be here to bring the Aerocene to Portugal. I´m really trilled to discuss all possibilities to held a lauch here next March as Camilla suggest, any ideas welcomed!


@HrishiC Fantastic! Let’s continue the conversation about your research on the thread you have just created :)))


Swedish-born Aerocenatic based in the city of Berlin. What fascinates me the most about Aerocene is the way it brings people together to explore the skies, and how people relate to it in so many different ways. Some feel it. Some measure it. Some write about it. Some fly with it. That way it is a community of conscious and active members that don’t surrender their personal or emotional experiences. Environmental, Animal and Human Rights. To me, they are all Aerocene, and causes I care about deeply. It’s an experiment without calculated outcomes. Let’s see how far we can go!


My name is Emil Mikhailoff, I am 58 y.o. male Bulgarian and I am crazy about all kinds of flying stuff.
I am tech manager of Grainis ltd. Hydrogen Bulgaria.
We have made great inventions and discoveries for the last 12 years with our team of scientists and engineers, in the field of the low-power hydrogen and oxy-hydrogen gas fuels generation out of water.
We have great ideas about various flying things, lifted up to the air by hydrogen modular Graphene-made containers and oxy-hydrogen-fueled gas-electric propellers.


Pleasure to meet you @grainis, this sounds super interesting. Do you have a picture of the device? Would be cool to see what it looks like…


Hi there, I am Felipe Castelblanco an artist based between Berlin and Basel, interested in public space, public art in odd places (oceans, air, nomadic), also film, interactivity, eco-social practice and more. You can see my work here:

I’m starting a practice-based PhD at FHNW with the aim to research new frontiers of public space. I’m specially interested in using new logics, interfaces and situations to think about space based on Verticality, depth and altitude. I will be happy to share ideas, questions, comments and references as the work evolves!


Hi Felipe! I think you will enjoy the diversity of ideas circulating around the Aerocene project, as well as the fantastic aerodreamers that are part of the project. Please feel free to post to any category, as well as contribute to any open discussion with your own ideas. Welcome to the Aerocene forum!


Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined the forum, so here I am introducing myself. I’m a phd candidate based in Buenos Aires, Argentina studying the open source hardware movement in Latin America. I’m also member of R’lyeh hacklab where I participate mostly in community science projects.

I came across Aerocene through ETER, our project about developing an open air-quality sensor with high school teachers, though I’d already seen some of the work of Tomás Saraceno, which I loved completely!

Great to see so many interesting people around ^^


Pleasure to e-meet you Juli! ETER and RLEYH reads super interesting as well as yourself!!



Hi my name is Léo and I am living in Lyon in France. I discovered your amazing project while visiting an expo in Lisbon (MAAT museum) last week.

I am an active member of a (young) Non Profit Organization, named “Tête en Terre”, which means “Earth Head”. The main objective of this organization is to create “living projects” focusing on Art and Environnement (last year, we organized an “Earth mask parade” with people from our neighborhood. I would be very intersting in building an Aerocene Explorer with the members of our organization, and then share it with volunteers in Lyon. Can you confirm that the cost of building the full kit is around 1500 - 2000 €, especially if I want to use RIPSTOP 7D (which seems to be the most expensive part of the kit)?

I would like to know as well if you have french documentation? If not, we might be interesting to help translating it in French, in order to divulgate the materials more easily in France. Additionnaly, do you know if flights from France have already been done?

Thanks in advance for your answers and potential suggestions about this project,


Hi @LeGo Léo! Welcome to our forum and we are happy that you are so much into solar balloons!
As well, I admire your actions within “Tête en Terre”, this sort of community collaboration is always so positive for everyone involved. Regarding building an Aerocene Explorer, yes, ripstop 7d is expensive. We have been investigating for a while the possibility of building with used sails such as spinnakers, which could eventually be a lot cheaper. On top of this building with a used material is friendlier to the environment. Also please do check Museo Aerosolar construction in Buenos Aires last year > Aerocene - TECAT
How to build an Aerocene?