Julian Oliver | Wind energy used to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research


Wind energy used to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research

HARVEST is a work of critical engineering and computational climate art. It uses wind-energy to mine cryptocurrency, the earnings of which are used as a source of funding for climate-change research.
Taking the form of a 2m wind turbine with environmental sensors, weatherproof computer and 4G uplink, HARVEST ‘feeds’ from two primary symptoms of our changing climate: wind gusts and storms. It does this by transforming wind energy into the electricity required to meet the demanding task of mining cryptocurrency (here Zcash), a decentralised process where computers are financially rewarded for their work maintaining and verifying a public transaction ledger known as the blockchain. Rather than filling the digital wallet of the artist, all rewards earned by the HARVEST mining machine are paid out as donations to non-profit climate change research organisations such that they can better study this planetary-scale challenge.

What do you think about this guys? It´s a piece from this article by Julian Oliver “Wind energy and cryptocurrency” .
How would you describe the project to someone whose not a scientist at all? I think everybody should be able to be aware of this incredible project.