Open Call for the Aerocene Community Room

Aeronauts, unite!

What would breathing feel like in a post fossil fuel epoch, and what is our response-ability?
How to challenge geopolitical borders in an age of climate inequality?

Aerocene imagines space as a commons, a physical and imaginative place to be reclaimed through free access to the interface between us and the cosmos, particularly the atmosphere, the last earthly layer created as a result of the interplay of sun, gravity and the earth mass. The launch pad becomes an aerosolar balloon, a DIT (Do It Together) entrance to the aerial, the engine is the life-giving star that fossil fuels are turning into a threat through particles of black carbon. The capacity of becoming buoyant and learn to float over land and territories allows to go beyond the borders set up by the mankind, which dramatically affect vulnerable subjects, humans as well as other animals.

The Aerocene epoch is near: what would you like to be On Air?

Aerocene Community is on board with a new uplifting challenge having been invited to present the research, developments and sensing experiments through an open jam session - a three month ongoing Aerocene rehearsal that will occupy part of Tomás Saraceno’s carte blanche exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris from October 17 until January 15.

This is an Open call to include your contribution towards the independence from fossil fuels.

Reflecting the Do it Together spirit of Aerocene community, constantly learning, listening and sharing ideas with each other, the Aerocene room walls will be ready for the community to fill and activate.

Use the following questions as a starting point: both drawings and words are great answers! Constructive, real or imaginative, your contribution will hack the wall of Palais de Tokyo, growing daily with new perceptions, content and format.

  • What would be the laws of the air in a post fossil fuels economy?
  • What is the relationship between life in the air and life on Earth?
  • How do you perceive air in your hometown? Is there anytime or place you notice it differently?
  • Who is responsible and who is paying for climate change?
  • What and how could the existing Aerocene technology be tweaked or remixed, adding new functions and creating new possibilities?
  • What would be an ethical compromise with the atmosphere and the planet? How can we achieve it? Who chooses?
  • What would you like to send skywards, using aerosolar dynamic energies? How?

All comments** will be shown in the exhibition, reflecting our differences and our common of fossil-fuels free thinking, dreaming and experimentation, feeding new ideas coming to life.

As a free-from-borders space working towards accessibility and transparency, let’s brainstorm together: is there anything else you would want to show or do there?

Send us any photos, films or written material related to your personal aerosolar perception!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you below!

**respecting aerosolar ethos and free from borders of fossil fuels.