Workshop: Art and Humanitarian work in the Aerocene Epoch

I read about these two Aerocene Workshops at Palais de Tokyo hosted by Pablo Suarez, would be nice to hear about it :blush:

1. Reimagining Art+Science for Humanitarian Work: Aerocene Explorations

Tuesday December 11
Workshop 12am-5pm

How can artists, disaster managers and communities at risk work together to understand and address climate risks? During this intensely interactive session we will build on the work of Tomás Saraceno, co-creating ways to blend humanitarian work with the lighter-than-air sculptures of Aerocene. We will explore options for devising new modes of sensitivity, helping people and organizations to engage with art and science in order to rethink our future in a changing climate. The outcomes of this workshop, ranging from short films to proposed artistic performances to digital games and other creative offers, will aim to reach beyond Palais de Tokyo into fieldwork and advocacy efforts by development and humanitarian teams.

2. From Lighter-than-Air Sculptures to Humanitarian Work: Rethinking Climate and Risks through Art

Wednesday December 12
Aerocene Explorer Flight 10am - location tbc
Workshop from 12pm - Room: Aerocene

The work of Aerocene invites us to re-imagine what we are capable of in unity with the natural support system that sustains mankind. In this participatory workshop we will experience how Aerocene and other artistic endeavors are helping the humanitarian sector to understand and address our rapidly changing climate. Combining games, group work and moments of creative reflection, we will co-create a shared understanding of how art and science can join forces to help citizens and communities living in vulnerable areas.

Be prepared for some serious fun, with tasks ranging from solving crossword puzzles to rapid prototyping of new ideas for humanitarian advocacy through performances.

Pablo Suarez is an Associate director for research and innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, as well as Artist in Residence at the National University of Singapore (NUS-LRFI), visiting fellow at Boston University, honorary senior lecturer at University College London, and faculty member at University of Lugano (Switzerland). He has consulted for the UN Development Programme, the World Food Programme, the World Bank, Oxfam America, and about twenty other international humanitarian and development organizations, working in more than 60 countries. His current work addresses institutional integration across disciplines and geographic scales, and the use of innovative tools for climate risk management – ranging from financial instruments for faster disaster preparedness, to self-learning algorithms for flood prediction, to collaboration with artists and designers to inspire thinking and action. Pablo holds a water engineering degree, a master’s in planning, and a Ph.D. in geography.

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I would like to hear too @suarezpir !