How many bags did your Museo/aerocene require?


I’ve enjoyed learning about everyone’s projects through the forum! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve just made an account so I can pose a more specific logistical question – I’m curious if people can share how many bags were used in the Museos or aerocenes you created? I’m also curious about what size (roughly) the resulting Museos turned out to be.

I’m especially curious about the number of bags used in Prato, Italy and Dresden!

Any and all info would be super helpful and greatly appreciated!

Esmé (Canada)

Hi Esmé! Welcome to the Aerocene community! Thanks for your question! The main point to know about building a Museo Aerosolar is that it all begins with an array of plastic bags with a 3:1 aspect ratio. For example, check this Museo we built in Buenos Aires a year ago: Aerocene - TECAT - #3 by Joaquin
We pasted bags to form a 12 x 4 mts patch, total balloon area 48 square meters. The balloon size once inflated was roughly 3mts tall, 3mts wide. Then how many bags depends on the average size of the bags you are going to use, which could be quite varying.
Then if you take a typical plastic bag that measures 30x40cm, unfolded 60x40cm > 2400sq centimeters, or 0,24 sq meters. So 48 sq meters divided by 0,24 sq meters > you would need 200 of these bags to build this balloon! Hope this helps :slight_smile:
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