Moving into aerial corridors of Munich


Hello Aeronauts!

Happy to be part of the Aerocene Community as it continues to grow and gather pace, reaching from Argentina with @Joaquin @juli @Carlos to UK @sasha @jol to Italy @aeroalice @RigacciOrg , and from the US @shapiro.nick @lizbarry to Istanbul @yeltakom to @HrishiC in Mumbai and many many others - creating a network of life-in-the-air dreamers around the world…

After several successful free flights with recovery from Berlin area last summer along with two recent world records lifting passengers for more than two hours, without using any helium, propane or rare gases, @tomas, @camilla @Erik @Gwilym and other Berlin based enthusiasts have been longing for the upcoming season in the Northern Hemisphere, allowing for increased chances of flying aerosolar, reaching new heights through collaboration, winds and solar energies…

Once the thermodynamic balance cooperates with our intentions, horizon is set on Munich - to enable the city and neighborhoods to be lifted by the sun, and carried by winds, becoming aerosolar, and sign with the air, manifesting independencies from fossil-fuels… Experimenting with free, tethered and human flights, it would be amazing to have you all - the global community - involved in the idea-shaping, and planning process, and of course to join us for the flights. We are thinking to make these flights happen in July, hoping as many as possible will be able to join then…

Speculating into following launch sites, what are your thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions in mind?

Human flight

  • Olympia Park (designed by the Günther Behnisch and Frei Otto)
  • Theresienweise (where Wilhelmine Reichards the first German female balloonist made her last flight)
  • Pantzerweise (former military place for tanks, now major hub for Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora)

Free flight

Tethered Flights

  • Ostpark
  • Luitpoldpark

Are there any people around Munich as earthly or aerially interested as you are…? Maybe a school or organisation that would like to become a Borrowing Station of the Explorer backpack or hack the bottle device, or sculpture itself? We are currently thinking of reaching out to

What do you think?



sounds great and well researched! good luck!


Very nice places, I have visited some of them, good luck with the flights! Greetings from Argentina.


Hey @camilla! Super exciting project, lots of pre-production work, kudos!
Will you be using the cart bicycle as mobile Borrowing Station? I think it would be interesting to take it there and have the flexibility to choose a unplanned location.

I am interested in free-flight, and was wondering if there could be a prevailing pattern of travel, but it seems not, as seen from these habhub predcitions:
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I like the idea to launch from the site that Wilhelmine Reichards made her last float!

@jol has recently been collaborating between arts and physics universities in Munich, leading workshops and field trips and presenting research there, so he may have more specific ideas about interesting people to involve…


it is very exciting the idea of planting the seed of the coming Aerocene epoch in the city of Munich.
I like the Olympia Park location because it mixes together architectural heritage, river, nice trees for some shadowns but also plenty of space for both tether flights and human flight!
Regarding the conversations and the engagement with the city, this is a great chance to open up new discussions based on the values of Aerocene community, spreading our voice and the DIT (do it together) ethos!

I think this is a great opportunity to work closely with local realities, approaching subjectivities-groups through a different language, in order to favor the unfolding of those “micropolitics” of which Guattari spoke. Micropolitics seen as the implementation of collective awarenesses that consider the living conditions of bodies, territories, desires, needs, economic status and therefore the paths of liberation and happiness.

Aerocene as creative resistance, fostering a material imaginative response-ability that considers the peculiarity of this epoch passage, in which we are still fully immersed but ready to leave behind.